Mylar®  films

Mylar® sealing films offer the possibility to change your complete packaging to PET only – trays as well as lidding films – in order to reduce packaging weight and reach recycling specifications.

The food industry is increasingly relying on Mono APET and RPET trays in order to fulfil recycling specifications. The demands on the sealing films are also growing.

In order to fulfil the highest demands for product quality and safety: Mylar® sealing films offer the best sealing on APET trays in their class in order to ensure product safety throughout the entire chain.

  • For an excellent look of your products:
    • Mylar® sealing films offer a high level of transparency and perfect anti-fog.
    To minimise product losses:
    • Mylar® films already seal at low temperature on all tray systems and thus avoid the trays warp at temperatures that are too high.
    • Mylar® sealing films can also be sealed if the sealing area is contaminated.
    Mylar® sealing films help to minimise packaging weight:
    • Mono PET films have a better area yield than composite films.
    • Makes the use of mono PET packaging possible, as well as from recycled materials.
    Simple consumer use:
    • Mylar® sealing films maintain their “easy peel” performance even with refrigerated products.